So, here I am starting another blog. This one of course is devoted to the small little side business that I have going called The Compulsive Quilter.
As The Compulsive Quilter, I make lots of handmade products. While my main focus right now is on purses and bags, I also make products for your home. I have been known to make lots of place mats, pillows, purses and baby quilts! My M.O. is machine quilting most of my products, but I don't like to limit myself to only quilting my items. I'm in love with cotton and linen, and I have recently become enamored with heavyweight material like canvas, upholstery, and denim. I am constantly experimenting with new ideas, some work out and some don't.
I think here at The Compulsive Quilter you can expect to see more about the products I make, the places where I find inspiration, and anything else I decide is worth writing about. It is my blog. :)
See you again soon!


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