Back in the Saddle again...

Here's the thing about being a mommy. It doesn't matter weather you have a "real job" or if you stay at home. Your children ( those sweet, angelic, peanut butter covered faces) will consume all of your time and energy. And this is exactly what has happened to me. I'm not complaining. I love it as a matter of fact. I just wanted you to know what was going on.
We have been pre-school shopping. My kids will be 4 this year ( I can't believe it!) and I have been researching preschools like there is no tomorrow.

You would not believe how time- consuming that is.
I have also had several BIG custom orders come my way and I have been trying to get ready for those. Special orders must be made, designs must be drawn out, and the sewing room must be cleaned.
Throw in a family visit and an upcoming craft show and an even more upcoming consignment sale, and you have yourself one busy woman.
But I am back in the saddle. The sewing machine has been oiled, the studio has been cleaned, the scissors have been sharpened and I am back. I'm warming up with a new batch of wristlets,
which will then be followed by a few new purses, and maybe some aprons...I'm not sure on those yet. I am planning on making one of these sweet tee-pees for my kids though.
They are gonna love it!
So, anyway, keep an eye out. I'll be around.