Vintage Zipper Wristlet

Thank God September is over! I have never been so happy to get a month behind me. I am much more relaxed now and I find that relaxation breeds new ideas in my head.
I have been toying with a wristlet design in my head for a while. And after a quick perusal of my fabric stash I finally found the inspiration I was looking for. My Nannie's stash. My Nannie is 84? 85? I'm not sure, but she is as sharp as a tack and I think I get a lot of my creative urges from her. She owned a dress shop in the 70's and 80's and recently bestowed upon me her very extensive stash. As you might suspect, there was a lot of vintage fabric that should really stay in the past, but there where quite a few yards of some really good stuff too. And since the crappy month of September was not as lucrative as I had hoped, I am really starting to dig through it all. I came across this red and green fabric and this brown polka dot fabric that I thought would be perfect for a little wristlet. I added a few pleats to the brown stripe and put it all together with a zipper. I love it. I think I am going to dig a little deeper into Nannie's stash to see what other treasures are in there.

Spotlight: Sandyland Creations

Oh Halloween! How I love you! Especially now that I have small children of my own to dress up as I please. I custom ordered these adorable Peter Pan and Tinkerbell outfits for my twins and they turned out great! They are really well made and sturdy and I think my kids will enjoy them for quite a while as dress up clothes.
Oh sure, I could have made them myself, but I'll be the first to tell you that clothes aren't my thing. And by the time I had bought all the stuff and the patterns and fit them to my children, I would have spent the $40 it took to have someone else make them for me.
So if you are in the market for some cute costumes for your kids for Halloween, I highly recommend Sandyland Creations!